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About SealPact

In today’s digital age, with more design professionals working remotely and the necessity of providing electronic documents, the need for digitizing the seal for architects and engineers has never been greater. Fortunately, many states have shifted rules and regulations to allow for deliverables to be submitted electronically, provided a valid digital signature is used when sealing the applicable document.  Unfortunately, most design professionals are unaware of proper methods of providing electronic submission of sealed documents. SealPact provides an efficient way to assist with the process of electronically submitting documents with a user-friendly approach specifically geared towards the design professional industry.

Create New Seal

Simply scan a clear image (signed, if necessary in your state) of your professional stamp.  Input your name as it appears on the stamp as well as the date of expiration and applicable state.  Repeat for each state you are licensed in, and you are done.

Create New Signature

To digitally sign documents without a seal, type your name out as you would like it to appear when signing documents electronically.  You can do this for different script fonts of your liking.

Create New Submittal Review Stamp

Input your submittal review stamp (i.e. shop drawings), with pre-filled review status (i.e. no exceptions taken), manually type in the designated review status, and repeat for each relevant status of your choosing.


SealPact is the digital signature choice of many for 3 main reasons: It is Simple, Secure, and Provides Transparency.


Simple Pricing For Everyone

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